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Kelly McVicker



Timeless Taylor

When members of the Paul Taylor Dance Company took the stage June 6 to open the 25th season of the American Dance Festival in Durham, they carried with them the history of a choreographer whose...


Weekend at the Cradle

Concerts can be so tedious. Every time you hand your cash over to the greasy-haired hipster at the ticket window, you're gambling with the unpredictable, uninsured world of live music.


Professional Mess Makers

Tonight at Ringside in downtown Durham, local rockers Little Miss Messy will bring their fresh blend of post-grunge rock and pop to the stage, following an opening act by Duke band The Point.


Soft Soul

Perhaps in some far-off place, they have words to describe a voice like this. But after trying for three days here in the good old U.S. of A., I'm still coming up short.


Love the Lovage, Baby

emember that guy from Faith No More, the one in the video who stomps around in the rain all pissed off, headbanging and punching at the camera? Did you ever picture that guy making the kind of...


Maiden Voyage Shipwreck

hat is it with the British? Their music press seems to have a knack for spotting American talent even before we do, hyping them up until we Yanks sit up and pay attention to the good stuff we got...

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