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James Tian



In defense of medicare for all who want it

A public option would address both of the most crucial challenges in health policy today: guaranteeing that everyone is insured and working within the market to compel private insurance companies to cut costs and improve care, all while not forcing anyone against their will to give up their current health insurance.


Pay attention to Trump the person, not Trump the entertainment

“Can you believe Trump is going to build this wall that...” “Do you think Trump’s hair is fake? “Donald Drumpf!” “Did you see Chris Christie’s face?” Perhaps viral quotes and videos are a good way to spread awareness about how Donald Trump is taking America by storm, but if he dropped of the race tomorrow and was never heard from again, I bet that very few of us would care about the failures of both the political system and American public that brought about his rise. Few people knew that Trump was a Democrat before he was a Republican.

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