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Jamal Michel

Jamal Michel is a Duke graduate and an English teacher at Northern High School. His column runs on alternate Fridays.



Travels disguised as pivots

When doing the most simplistic, most mundane, most necessary job of president suddenly makes you president, then our issues with the current administration’s powers are only now beginning.


A visceral exhaustion

As a high school teacher, the stress of such issues permeates my life from the linoleum laced hallways, all the way down to the desks my kids occupy several hours a day.


Black and Brown bodies: currency of the sporting world

Black and Brown athletes, it seems, are to live and breathe their profession with no regard for the outside world. Only when an athlete steps out of the realm of a football field or basketball court and speaks the language of race and politics are they stopped in their tracks and sent back to their respective spaces.


How Charlottesville was another reminder

Historically disadvantaged communities are often the targets of hate speech, and the near explicit backing that nationalist groups in the country receive should not be entirely surprising. It is a pre-existing condition of our country to use our laws to justify the most or near greatest forms of invisible inequity.

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