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Jacob Weiss

Jacob Weiss is a Trinity senior. His column, "not jumping to any conclusions," runs on alternate Fridays.



"That guy" on immigration

Miller’s positions make a lot of sense to a sizable portion of the American populace, who voted for Trump in large part because they aligned with the campaign’s stance on immigration. A significant portion of the American populace believes that less immigration and more comprehensive border control measures are the right path for the United States, and they need to be heard within the discourse.


The future of Duke housing

SLGs represent an important part of the college experience and the transition toward a residential college system would lead to less fulfilling college experiences for those in SLG life. It would not necessitate more fulfilling college experiences for independents. Amongst the panel, there was a consensus: every Duke student, regardless of affiliation or lack thereof, wants to find a sense of community.  


Embracing conspiracy

Conspiracies theories certainly do sound ridiculous; however, the world would be foolish not to at the very least entertain them, especially given how credible they may actually be. 


Debating guns and 'Gorgias' at Duke

At the end of our debate, my opponent and I had made little headway on answering the central question to the gun debate, but we had gained a better understanding of both arguments—which is a hell of a lot more than Hillary Clinton, the Chronicle Editorial Board and conservative outlets like the National Review can say. 


Ranking responses

If Duke is as committed to diversity as its two most recent presidents have purported it to be, it should celebrate our fall in the U.S. News Rankings. Only then could its objections to Trump’s policy initiatives be thought of as ethical, and its claimed commitment to diversity be truly genuine.


The police of the world

If America did not act against the Assad regime, the atrocities simply would have continued to occur because no one else would have intervened. By default—and like it or not—America has become the “policeman of the world.”

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