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Jackson Prince



Blacking in and turning 21

When we black out, we lose our inhibitions. That is, we lose our “voluntary or involuntary restraint on the direct expression of an instinct.” Simply put, we lose the rational ability to read situations, to reason with others and to recognize our own compromised state of being.


Mythbusters: Housing reform edition

Duke Students for Housing Reform has extended an invitation, not a threat, to members of selective residential organizations of all kinds—fraternities, sororities, SLGs, even academic- or scholarship-based living situations—to reflect on their experiences of housing, to defend their individual ideas and values regarding housing and, most importantly, to listen to other people’s residential experiences.


Editor's note

As the editorial page editor of a reputable college newspaper, I’m supposed to judge a column’s worth by the strength of its argument, the fervor of its voice and the call for action it inspires.

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