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Ian Buchanan

Ian Buchanan is a Trinity sophomore. His column, "let freedom ring," runs on alternate Wednesdays.



Dr. Lee goes to Washington

Any reasonable reader will walk away from the book concluding that its authors believe the president suffers from the psychiatric deficiencies they describe in their respective chapters. Its authors’ formula clearly diverges from the overarching spirit of the Goldwater Rule, which seeks to avoid public hysteria by demanding that such weighty accusations be supported by an actual examination rather than armchair psychiatry from the sidelines.


Londoners lose their freedom

At this point, there are probably more questions than answers as to the impact that disruptive technologies will have in the coming decades. However, one prospective answer to the changing economy is undoubtedly the wrong one: attempting to regulate new technologies out of existence, a strategy that protects existing industries at the expense of consumers.


The media's credibility crisis

At its best, the media represents a critical aspect of any democracy by accurately reporting the news of the day to the public, but the media in its current form falls far short of that highest ideal. 


A risible tax system that demands reform

Congress could attempt to close the individual loopholes that permit the practice, but a more appealing and enduring solution would be to craft a simplified, reformed tax system that encourages corporate investment in the United States, rather than sending companies fleeing from the country. As for the individual income tax, both Democrats and Republicans ought to set aside partisan debates on the appropriate levels of taxation for different income groups and condemn the sheer complexity of the tax system levied on individuals.


A case of corruption in the Senate

Just as in the Russia investigation, every American, regardless of political affiliation ought to hope for the same result in Menendez’s trial: that it reveals the truth and administers justice so that the nation can proceed accordingly. If Senator Menendez is indeed innocent, may his day in court fully exonerate him, and if he has erred, may the court’s decision condemn his mistakes.


President Obama’s legacy

Moments after Donald Trump was sworn in as President on Jan. 20, President Barack Obama boarded Air Force One for the final time, leaving Andrews Air Force base for Palm Springs, California.

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