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Greg Veis



Column: 'America' Revisited

I originally wrote this reinterpretation of Allen Ginsburg's "America" for class freshman year. I've updated a couple lines, but most of it remains the same.


A Simple Plea

When computer genius and all-around studmuffin John Bush implemented a new feature for The Chronicle's website that allowed readers to offer their comments to articles online, we thought that our...


Comic Crusader

David Rees, a Chapel Hill native, is a thirty-nothing office temp who, through his homemade ClipArt strip "Get Your War On," also happens to be one of the sharpest voices of political commentary in...


Everyday Courage

The same menu still hangs on the wall saying that a cup of coffee is 10 cents, and the same black countertop still stands on the building's second floor.


Going out in Style

Just minutes before she relinquished her crown to Tequila Rose, Jezebell, the first winner of the Queen of the Triangle pageant, sat down with Recess to talk about his life in women's clothing.

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