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Daniel Riley



The Wayfarer Revolution

The Duke of my freshman year was not cool enough for the Wayfarer Revolution. But something happened between then and now that has transformed an indiscriminate portion of the student body into...


A Return To $anity

Five days after President Richard Brodhead and the Board of Trustees ushered in their sweeping modifications of financial aid-to the tune of $6.7 million in increased student assistance a year-my...


Duke's place in the Big Apple

A postgraduate pilgrimage to New York City is composed of the same properties as any magnetic vice: there are guaranteed repercussions (in the form of unspeakable hours for the financiers and...


The Maven of Style - Tommye Fitzpatrick

For a particularly talented fashion writer, the grand ascension to haute écriture might begin with a gig in San Francisco. After a few years, there'd likely be a lengthy stopover in New York or...



Pretend for a second that West Main Street is Santa Monica Boulevard, and that the Liggett and Meyers Tobacco sign soaring over Brightleaf Square is more like a Scarlett-on-Sunset billboard. Turn...


Love in the time of college

Midway through spring semester of his freshman year, Eric Roberts was approached by a close friend at Duke and propositioned to act as witness for a shotgun wedding at the Durham County Courthouse.


Fred Boadu

When you stumble into a party for Duke engineering professors, this is how you'll be able to pick Fred Boadu out of the crowd: He'll be the only one who responds to the name Fred. He'll also be the...

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