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Carsten Pran



'An important step, but we have a lot more work to do': Students, staff reflect on inclusive language and pronouns at Duke

During a largely virtual school year, Duke has moved towards normalizing inclusive language and pronouns for transgender and gender non-conforming members of the Duke community. One recent change allows students to choose their own pronouns in the new version of DukeHub. Additionally, customizable Zoom titles and email signatures have made it easier to learn someone’s pronouns.

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'Sing, Unburied, Sing' and us: Duke Honor Council summer reading contest winner

Acknowledging our roots as an intrinsically collaborative species, I wonder if it is entirely unrealistic to imagine a society in which individuals give and receive assistance readily, regardless of personal identity. When I reflect on society’s current status though, I realize we are moving in quite the opposite direction. It appears that though our web of diverse, global communities becomes increasingly connected every year, our personal regard for others diminishes in tandem.

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