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Anna Sadler



Pet peeves

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my most recent journalistic endeavor (my mom really liked it), I was asked for an encore. OK, maybe not really, but I think that if people applauded for...


Please, not pink

It’s everywhere. It can be worn in any season. Anyone can pull it off. No, not it’s not underwear.... It’s the ubiquitous Duke gear (although, come to think of it, probably true for underwear too).


At least I can tie my shoes

Duke lets me get away with practicing very few real-world skills­­—though our university is constantly challenging us academically and intellectually, our ultra-advanced studies leave little need...


I love the touching

I think most of us can attest to the fact that Duke does “interaction” a little differently than the outside world. It seems like when we return to Duke to start a new year, we have to relearn how...


Campout, insurance at top of GPSC agenda

At their first meeting of the year, the Graduate and Professional Student Council discussed new GPSC Basketball Campout policies and introduced their various committees while serving up delicious...

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