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With the right stadium playlist, the student section at Wallace Wade could provide the Blue Devils with an even louder home field advantage.

Stadium Playlists 101

Sitting in the press box at Sun Life Stadium watching Duke and Miami play one of the ugliest football games I can remember, I could only think one thing—these guys are playing some great music.


Scoping out the sidelines

Everyone knows what it looks like to play on the field—that’s what the cameras are following, and it’s the whole point of the game. But what does it mean to get benched?

The Blue Devils have allowed more rushing yards in each consecutive game this season, a key stat to monitor in Saturday's showdown with Duke Johnson and Miami.

Data digging: Born to stop the Run

The Blue Devils' nonconference performance translated well to the scoreboard: 174-46. But other numbers—particularly opponents' success rushing the ball—could be a cause for concern heading into...


Share Your Support

Instead of spending so much time worrying about whether Duke has become a football school or remains a basketball one, follow a golf match, or cheer on the tennis team.


Shades of Red

The summer of 2014 was bookended by two racially-fueled conflicts in sports, and all it demonstrated was that issues concerning race relations are every bit as subjective as they are complex.