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I overanalyzed 'Sex Education' so you don't have to

The third season of Netflix’s “Sex Education” opens in a way you’d expect from the title: a lot of people having sex. This rather graphic opener sets the tone for a season about sex positivity with some characteristically raunchy humor that leaves audiences pleasantly surprised by the tumultuous season to come.


A love letter to the sun

I’m grateful for many things: my wonderful friends, the promise of a beautiful autumn and the $5 Daily Devil Deal at Sazón. But, right now, I’m most grateful for sunlight.


After more than a year, the Nasher is finally back

Before stepping into the Duke’s beloved Nasher Museum of Art, the top of the door displays an array of graphics and words welcoming visitors back along with new COVID-19 protocols. To the side of these directions, the graphic reads, “Art is waiting for you! We’re so glad you’re here.”


SHEIN is She-Out: It’s time to question our consumption

Tops from Forever 21, pants from Shein, dresses from H&M, skirts from Zara, jackets from Amazon, accessories from Uniqlo — at a university where 69% of students come from families at the top 20% of incomes and students claim to be environmentally conscious, why do cheap, unethically made clothing items have such a strong presence among our student body?


Writing is the worst

I hate the moment you look at a blank page, and suddenly, words are supposed to flow, as if by some magical force. I hate the emptiness staring back at me as nothing comes to mind. I hate the openness of writing, your inner thoughts suddenly being known.


Have you heard about Have U Heard?

While most juniors in college spend their summers interning to build up their resumés, Aditya Surana decided to go in another direction: creating his own music festival, Have U Heard Fest.  


Maybe Addison Rae is, indeed, all that

Is Addison Rae just “another party girl bimbo,” or are we just quick to hate on her because she challenges our preconceptions about making it in Hollywood? Do we simply hate influencers because they upend the myth of meritocracy?


'Twelve Minutes' is a cinematic exploration of trauma worth your time

Only a few games are noticed by the broader public these days. “Super Mario Bros.,” “Grand Theft Auto” and “Animal Crossing” earned their popularity through engaging gameplay and record-breaking sales. Certain games, like “Cyberpunk 2077,” gain popularity because of a famous actor’s appearance in the game. Keanu Reeves alone can sell millions of copies of a game because star-power attracts audiences from different mediums, and this can also be said of Annapurna Interactive’s new game “Twelve Minutes.”


Still Woozy's debut album is an alt-pop catharsis

In a recent interview discussing the release of his newest album, Still Woozy commented, "This album is me figuring out what an album could be. Each song is expressing a different part of my palette, something I couldn't do if I was just putting out single after single." And figure it out he did. 


'Solar Power' is Lorde’s radiant, defiant reinvention

In a live stream preceding the premiere of the second promotional single off her new album “Solar Power,” Lorde answered the question on everyone’s mind: “Why do you take such a long break from music [between albums]?” She said simply, “Because I have things to do,” before clarifying — “Because I need to really miss it when I come back.”