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Angel Eyes

Walking out of Angel Eyes, I thought of the advice my father gave me a long time ago about choosing movies to see in the theatre.


The Sopranos

Recipe for a soundtrack: Take one part Three Dog Night, add a cover of a Bob Dylan or Paul Simon song done by a new, "edgy" artist, mix with a convoluted cut of rap and toss in half-a-dozen recent...


Pulp Perros

A dog is a man's best friend. They fetch our slippers, come when called, obey our commands and sometimes, it seems, read our moods from our scent and slouch.



Doubletake*The annual four-day documentary film festival attracts filmmakers from around the world. This year's competition features 57 films including 2001 Academy Award winner Big Mama.


Reaching the Rock

Smart is chic. The hottest bands today are displaying an intelligence that just a few years ago would have gotten them bound and gagged with flannel and tossed into the dumpster of the local TCBY.