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Shut up and play the hits

My first introduction to the album format came through three records that, to many people, don’t even qualify as “albums,” in the strictest sense of the word: The Beach Boys’ “The Greatest Hits – Volume 1: 20 Good Vibrations,” The Monkees’ “The Essentials” and Squeeze’s “Singles – 45’s and Under.”


Drawing in digital

I finally bought myself a drawing tablet this past week. I’ve started using a tablet at work — at the Duke Innovative Design Agency — but outside of that, I’ve been using a mouse or my trackpad to do digital art. That works pretty well for infographics, but it’s definitely difficult to replicate the same effects I would have on paper or canvas.


M.I.A. and the danceability of contradiction

Maya Arulpragasam, or M.I.A., has always been blatant and bold. She was a Tamil refugee to London whose rapid rise in fame and fortune found her in stuck in the crosshairs of power and privilege, where using her influence to e change proved easier said than done. 


Turning 20: Growing pains (and gains)

I used to be that obnoxious girl who always “unintentionally” reminded her friends that her birthday is in a month, discreetly inserting an advertisement into a conversation that had been about something totally different.

The biggest story of the 2017 awards season was "Moonlight"'s Academy Award for Best Picture after "La La Land" was incorrectly announced as the winner.

Recess roundtable: Why criticism?

Much discussion has erupted in recent weeks regarding the (purportedly) fading necessity of reviews. In an age of discontinued Netflix-star-ratings, Amazon top customer reviewers and enraged YouTubers, the long-form reviews of movies, books or music that once dominated newspapers are increasingly seen as antiquated or downright ignorant