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Costumes at the Carolina: Scenes from NC Comicon 2018

Outside of Halloween, people do not often dress up in elaborate costumes in otherwise ordinary public spaces. Comicon, however, presents ample opportunity to see some of the most popular comic and television characters come to life. Attendees of all ages cosplay for the event, dressing up as their favorite characters and often adding their own personal twist to their costumes. 


How to celebrate Halloween in the Triangle

Spooky season is in full swing here at Duke as students have begun planning their costumes and making plans for Halloween night. While many students head to Chapel Hill for Homegrown Halloween, a Franklin Street celebration that welcomes thousands of attendees, there are plenty of other options in the triangle for a fun night.  


Durham civil rights tour is a walk through history

Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Brown v. Board of Education, Montgomery bus boycotts, sit-ins. We’ve grown up learning about segregation; we’ve grown accustomed to the same black and white photos of labeled water fountains, the same sparkling four words that have come to represent an entire movement: “I have a dream.” 


10 Durham hidden arts gems to see this summer

2018 has been a significant year for culture at Duke. The opening of the Rubenstein Arts Center on Campus Drive served as a testament to the university's commitment to the arts and the building remains an unmistakable daily reminder of Duke's artistic resources on the bus ride between East and West Campus. 


An introduction to the Triangle’s music scene

The Triangle has become quite the musical linchpin in North Carolina. With countless music venues ranging from independent to commercial, musicians and artists across the country pass through the Triangle each year, leaving behind their mark in North Carolina music history.