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What to do at Duke on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day has the power to inspire a variety of emotions in people. For some it can be one of the most meaningful and romantic days of the year, while to others it’s simply another opportunity for the capitalist system to take people’s money.


Pinhook concert series to fundraise for venue survival

On Dec. 11, Durham staple and concert venue The Pinhook celebrated its seventh birthday, firmly rooting the bar and entertainment space as a cherished spot in the community. But the milestone masked a sadder truth: the bar’s owner, Kym Register, had just recently learned that she owed over $80,000 in taxes that her accountant and book-keeper had missed.


Recess Interviews: Steven Wright

A typical day for comedian Steven Wright often involves a trip to the "Louie" set to offer his advice as a consulting producer and now a co-producer. But Wright began his career as a comedian with a trademark style that resonated with audiences. He comes to the Carolina Theatre this Saturday to regale audiences with his stand-up work. The Chronicle's Elizabeth Djinis spoke with Wright about how he became a comedian, how he developed his audience and what he's doing now.  The Chronicle: Tell me about your work on Louie. Steven Wright: I’m a co-producer now.


Fullsteam celebrates fifth anniversary with three-day shindig

Time flies when you're brewing beer. Fullsteam Brewery in Durham is celebrating its five-year anniversary this week with celebrations and throwbacks to pints of the past. Over the three-day shindig—“Five Years of Brewing, Three Days of Awesome—patrons can engage in a lip-sync battle, Fullsteam trivia, live DJ, a hoedown, a pumpkin spice recipe competition.


An account from Hopscotch, Raleigh's yearly music fest

This past weekend was the sixth year of Hopscotch, a three-day music festival in Raleigh with 120 bands you’ve never heard of, six bands you think you’ve kind of heard of, and like, two totally sick bands you’re absolutely in love with. If you didn’t know, the fest is pretty cool because it isn’t an all-day thing—the headliners come on first, sometime in the early evening, then everyone splits off to a bunch of different club venues to see those six bands they’ve kind of heard of.