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Baljeet was my only source of representation

Watching TV in the 2000s and early 2010s, I felt like the only Indian characters in the media were those that had just immigrated from India and embodied the stereotypical tropes. There are over one billion of us in the world, yet it seemed every Indian on TV was a variant of Baljeet.


Six ALP classes to help fill your fall 2023 schedule

If you’re like most Duke students, you're either a Trinity student trying to meet those T-Reqs or a Pratt kid looking for a fun way to fill one of the few free spots in your schedule. Or maybe you’re panicked about your current workload and looking for a way to mellow your coursework. Regardless of why you’re reading, here are six carefully curated ALP classes that will provide an enjoyable and interesting learning experience.


Phones as identities

In response to comments by my family and friends, I like to make jokes about the superiority of Android phones, and I often speak about my love of Android phones to my friends in jest. I sometimes reflect, however, on the weird role that phones play in our lives.


A deep dive into this year's LDOC artists

While the Chronicle’s news team already briefed the LDOC artist announcement, I wanted to dive a little deeper into the artist's backgrounds and music and provide some representative songs students can listen to leading up to the big day.