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What is food for?

My family’s refrigerator is immaculate. Rain or shine, night or day, you can open the door and find quarts of reduced-fat Greek yogurt, bars of 90% cocoa content dark chocolate and at least five different types of leafy greens.

Amazon's new gaming platform comes with highly advanced controllers and technology, but is it really the answer to video game streaming?

Amazon Luna is not the answer

With the releases of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X next month, it comes as a surprise that Amazon announced its intent to compete in the gaming industry. What is their new platform all about and what is the commotion surrounding "cloud gaming?"


On 3 a.m. drives

Contrary to popular opinion, traveling is not that great: Airports are slow and crowded; hotels are stiff and plastic; museums, even for a history nerd, tend to be boring; souvenirs are overpriced and easily lost; and the pictures never turn out quite how you expect.

Katy Perry's latest album "Smile" underperformed with audiences and critics — but why?

'Smile' and the collapse of Katy Perry

All of this makes her 2010 album “Teenage Dream” feel like a long, long time ago. That album, released almost exactly 10  years before “Smile,” was supported by an unbelievable run of five chart-topping singles, a record that Perry shares with Michael Jackson. The stark difference between these two albums begs a simple question:  What happened to Katy Perry?