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Once a model for school integration after the civil rights movement, Charlotte is now ranked lowest in economic mobility out of the 50 largest U.S. cities. 

The duality of the Queen City

About three and a half weeks ago, I landed in Charlotte, N.C., the Queen City. At first, I was swept up by the novelty of a new place — this is my first time in Charlotte, and I wanted to see everything. 


Coping with Kid Cudi

It’s sort of amusing that “Man on the Moon II” was the album that I gravitated toward as a 12-year-old. (Imagine me bobbing my head along to lyrics about alcohol and marijuana while I worked on my algebra homework.) 

Tandoor's chicken tikka masala topped the WU 42 due to the freshness of the chicken and its signature sauce. 

The WU 42: A ranking of the best of West Union

Honestly, I’m not sure where I even got the idea to sporadically sample more than 65 lunch and dinner entrées off the everyday menus of 10 of the Brodhead Center’s 13 vendors (and battle food poisoning twice along the way), but all that matters is the idea came, and I pursued it until it became a reality.