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Lil Nas X released "Out Town Road" Dec. 8, but the song was disqualified from the Hot Country Songs chart last month.

Why Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' doesn’t need the country charts

Nearly 16 years ago, OutKast released “Hey Ya!,” a single that stands as one of the biggest hits of the new millennium. For all its ubiquity today, though, “Hey Ya!” was deceptively revolutionary: Blending an acoustic guitar-driven hook with a funk bassline, rapped breakdowns and an atypical time signature, the song seemed to signal a new dawn for genre — or, rather, the lack thereof. 

Jordan Peele's second film "Us" broke the box office record for an original horror movie.

Stop trying to figure 'Us' out

When Jordan Peele announced he was working on a new movie following the release of “Get Out,” it seemed like the flood of internet conspiracy theories on his first film just took a new shape. And after a $70 million opening weekend that broke the box office record for an original horror movie, fans looked online to help explain the lack of answers provided in “Us.”