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‘Survivor’ Season 41 debut: Too new or a rejuvenated classic?

Entertainment Weekly calls it “the granddaddy of reality TV.” My family calls it “the only show we can all agree to watch together.” Regardless of what you call it, “Survivor” is back, and Wednesday nights are normal again after sixteen long months. And as for the show being “back and better than ever,” I cannot bring myself to admit that just yet.

Sex Education

I overanalyzed 'Sex Education' so you don't have to

The third season of Netflix’s “Sex Education” opens in a way you’d expect from the title: a lot of people having sex. This rather graphic opener sets the tone for a season about sex positivity with some characteristically raunchy humor that leaves audiences pleasantly surprised by the tumultuous season to come.


‘Loki’ was great — until it wasn’t

For a good five hours, I was captivated — between the spectacular worldbuilding and attention-grabbing fight scenes that have come to define Marvel, “Loki” dramatically expanded the scope of its cinematic universe. That was, until the last episode, where the show suddenly fumbled the ball entirely. 


Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ is a critique of superheroes and the media that creates them

“The Boys” is Amazon Prime Video’s latest contribution to the behemoth that is the superhero genre, a slightly grunge, antihero story that turns what audiences have come to know and expect from action on its head. Based on a comic book series of the same name, the show strikes a balance of amusing and serious critical portrayals of a massive corporation breeding celebrity superheroes.