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Theater department mainstage show questions scientific morals in 'Air Pump'

Duke Theater Department Presents “An Experiment with an Air Pump” The Theater Department’s fall mainstage play presents one simple question: “What price would you pay for knowledge?” “An Experiment with an Air Pump,” by Shelagh Stephenson, examines two families—two communities of scientists—who are each struggling with the morals and ethics of medical research in their respective time periods.


Five women in one: "Unveiled" highlights Muslim identities

Rohina Malik, a playwright, and actress raised in London and living in Chicago, will be coming to White Lecture Hall this Saturday to perform her one-woman show “Unveiled.” The performance, which is sponsored by Duke’s Muslim Students Association covers topics of hate crimes, racism, love, Islam and culture, features Malik playing many different characters and focusing on five women who serve different kinds of tea before the audience and reveal their individual stories.


Conference examines the films of French director Alain Resnais

From a documentary about the Nazi concentration camps to a historical drama about an infamous embezzler to a light-hearted comedy-drama about the effects of terminal illness, Alain Resnais’ work has always been marked by its diversity of both genre and tone. Resnais was a French film director whose work spanned almost eighty years, from the time directly after World War II through contemporary society.


Duke hosts second Arts and Humanities Open House

This past weekend , high  schoolers  working on their college search had the opportunity to see Duke from a new perspective by looking through the lens of its arts and humanities programs.     Last Saturday marked Duke’s second annual Arts and Humanities Open House.


In On It: The Evolution of Duke’s Premier Sketch Comedy Group

In On It: The Evolution of Duke’s Premier Sketch Comedy Group Founded in 2000, Inside Joke describes themselves as “Duke’s premiere (and only) sketch comedy group.” They started as an inspired group of undergrads and have continued to flourish since their inception, particularly in recent years. What makes Inside Joke unique is that it is a group focused primarily on sketch comedy—think scripted, rehearsed, writing-centered, SNL-variety fun.


Coffeehouse Student Show Superlatives

    The Duke Coffeehouse is not just a space to study and socialize—it can also be a place to hear new student music.             Last Thursday, the Duke Coffeehouse hosted a student concert as part of the Duke Arts Festival. Seven different acts performed at the event, although multiple student performers called in sick before the concert. The showcase was a new addition to the festival last year, and duARTS decided to bring the event back.