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Duke Players '[title of show]' knows that it's a musical

The theater has no fourth wall. Although meta humor and fourth wall smashing have become staples of movies, television and other mediums in an attempt to refresh otherwise hackneyed tropes by pointing them out to the audience, theater has been making use of these devices for decades.


Oktoberfest brings German food and culture to Duke's campus

The patio outside Au Bon Pain is usually populated by busy students eager to finish their homework, or by hungry ones who prefer the natural air to the AC’s constant blast inside. On Friday, however, the area became home to a dazzling crowd celebrating Oktoberfest, a traditional German holiday held annually at the beginning of fall.  


Looking back at 'The Big Easy'

Although Patrick Dougherty’s sculpture “The Big Easy" was projected to be on display until 2019, it was removed from the Duke Gardens Aug. 22 due to rain damage sustained since its construction in February 2017. The saplings used to weave the structure had started to deteriorate, and Duke Gardens opted to remove the entire instillation before it became a safety hazard. 


CDS Dorothea-Lange Taylor Prize recipient discusses vulnerability and immigrant identity

As a recipient of the Center for Documentary Studies’ annual Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize, Mexican-American photographer Daniel Ramos has crafted a portfolio that can scrupulously capture his life’s winding contours: He was born in Chicago but now lives in Nuevo León, Mexico, and he spent his formative years rotating between these two distinctive places.