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Good Coffee plays in The Ruby Lounge as part of Small Town Records' student showcase.

Small Town Records signs three new artists

As a high-school sophomore, now first-year Jay Albright sold his video games and consoles to pay for music production equipment. The Atlanta native had indulged his love of beat-mixing for years, but it wasn’t until his late teens that he began to take himself seriously as an artist. In the end, his financial gamble paid off: Small Town Records, Duke’s student-run label, signed Albright, who raps under the pseudonym MAUI. 

"Dancing at Lughnasa," Duke's fall Theater Studies show, is set during the summer of 1936 in a fictional Irish town.

Dance unites a jaded family in 'Dancing at Lughnasa'

As the darkness lifts, seven frozen figures are revealed on a dimly lit stage. Their stagnant poses and stoic demeanors create a hazy atmosphere, pulling the audience into what seems to be a memory, or perhaps a dream. The spell-like ambiance is disrupted by a figure moving toward the audience, speaking in a deep Irish accent. 

Blackburn visiting professor Lucy Corin graduated from Duke in 1992 and has published two short story collections and a novel.

Visiting professor Lucy Corin discusses MFAs, short stories

Lucy Corin, Trinity ’92, is a writer and visiting professor of English at Duke, as well as professor of English at the University of California at Davis. She has published two collections of short stories, “One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses” and “The Entire Predicament," and one novel, “Everyday Psychokillers: A History for Girls."

Duke professor Thomas Brothers recently released his book "Help! The Beatles, Duke Ellington and the Magic of Collaboration."

Duke music professor releases book on magic of collaboration

Like many of their artistic peers, famous composers are commonly panned as egocentric monomaniacs obsessed with their own genius. To challenge this myth, Duke professor Thomas Brothers recently published “Help! The Beatles, Duke Ellington and the Magic of Collaboration,” a new book dedicated to the methods of collective composition. 

Duke Players performed "[title of show]" last weekend, following a group of friends as they try to write a Broadway musical.

Duke Players '[title of show]' knows that it's a musical

The theater has no fourth wall. Although meta humor and fourth wall smashing have become staples of movies, television and other mediums in an attempt to refresh otherwise hackneyed tropes by pointing them out to the audience, theater has been making use of these devices for decades.

The patio outside ABP turned into a Bavarian Volksfest for two hours on Friday. 

Oktoberfest brings German food and culture to Duke's campus

The patio outside Au Bon Pain is usually populated by busy students eager to finish their homework, or by hungry ones who prefer the natural air to the AC’s constant blast inside. On Friday, however, the area became home to a dazzling crowd celebrating Oktoberfest, a traditional German holiday held annually at the beginning of fall.  

Patrick Dougherty's "The Big Easy" was projected to stay up until 2019, but was taken down in August due to heavier than expected rainfall this year.

Looking back at 'The Big Easy'

Although Patrick Dougherty’s sculpture “The Big Easy" was projected to be on display until 2019, it was removed from the Duke Gardens Aug. 22 due to rain damage sustained since its construction in February 2017. The saplings used to weave the structure had started to deteriorate, and Duke Gardens opted to remove the entire instillation before it became a safety hazard. 

Daniel Ramos is the recipient of the CDS Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize, which recognizes photographers with an in-depth understanding of place.

CDS Dorothea-Lange Taylor Prize recipient discusses vulnerability and immigrant identity

As a recipient of the Center for Documentary Studies’ annual Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize, Mexican-American photographer Daniel Ramos has crafted a portfolio that can scrupulously capture his life’s winding contours: He was born in Chicago but now lives in Nuevo León, Mexico, and he spent his formative years rotating between these two distinctive places.