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Words matter

It seems almost fitting that I applied for this column as a joke. After all, isn’t that what satire is? The joke that’s just a little too real, the one that makes people laugh uneasily and start looking for the exits.


The Duke dividend

If you listen to some Duke students, you would think the relationship between Duke and Durham is fraught at best, outright exploitative at worst.

President Donald Trump is pictured here speaking in Raleigh, N.C. during the campaign.

Whose America?

Donald Trump’s recent proposal to end birthright citizenship was met with outrage and rejection from the left and right alike.


To beat a dead horse

I was sitting in lecture the other day. Planning the route I would take on my run after class, I caught just a few words of my professor's lesson. As he repeated his conclusion, my professor muttered “not to beat a dead horse, but…” And that’s when I began to ponder: why, exactly, does our parlance stigmatize the beating of dead horses? What’s so wrong with that?


Half-white privilege

When it comes to identity, I can frame myself two radically different ways: I am a gay person of color on a large amount of financial aid, and I am a white male legacy student at Duke. Both descriptions are technically accurate, but fail to illustrate the nuances of my competing identities.

Shooters, despite its many faults, tends to unite students who belong to different social groups. 

The Thousand Oaks shooting could have been us

Imagine a typical Wednesday night at Duke. As students filter out of classes and pack up to leave the library, they scroll through their phones—texting friends and catching up on missed GroupMe messages—to coordinate their plans for the night ahead.


Dear Noah: Choose love

As you very well know, it’s not all that difficult to spot me on any given autumnal day. Sit out on the West Campus quad for long enough and you will inevitably see a 5’10” lad strutting along in a vibrant Chanukah cardigan, my signature (and only) piece of seasonal outerwear.