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What we’re really paying for

As a second-semester senior, it is hard not to be reflective about my time at Duke. With graduation a few months away, I have been looking back at what I have done here and trying to discern what I still want to do.


Phoning home

Duke will start to feel like home slowly at first. Then, all at once, you offhandedly refer to going ‘back home’ during winter break of your first year, to which your mom casts you a look of confusion and disappointment. “You are at home,” she says. 


Stand down Northam

Ralph Northam, the current Democratic governor of Virginia, is currently facing demands for his resignation in response to a racist photograph from his medical school years bearing his likeness. 


Do we have a right to community?

I disagreed with quite a bit of the content of my fellow columnist Lizzie Bond’s latest column, but I want to focus on one point in particular: her assertion that “Duke students who arrive [at Duke]… discover that an on-campus residential community is a luxury, not a right.”

Duke students will move into Krzyzewskiville Saturday for the start of black tenting.

Zion Williamson v.s. my GPA: Who would win?

As a senior who hasn’t tented before, this tenting season was my last chance to endure the frosty temperatures, complain endlessly about how much I don’t want to sleep in a tent tonight, and forge friendships through a shared suffering.

Rick Johnson noted that the fire alarms in West Union have gone off between 15 and 20 times this semester. 

Fight intolerance by embracing diversity

“How’s everything been at Duke?” While studying abroad last semester, I expected to hear from my friends on campus about late nights at Perkins, struggles with recruitment, cheering at Cameron, and hilarious memories from the weekends.