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Hands off my tra la la

Y ou, reader, did not vote. Or rather, the odds are that any given college-age reader of this column did not vote, as the 18-to-24 age group had a failure rate of about 60 percent.


Taking it straight

In a motley motel room 20 miles east of Memphis, where the only thing cheaper than the beds was the liquor we spilled in them, I stood staring into a rusted mirror behind a bathroom door which on...


You're such a 4.0

I bought a lamp at this thrift store in Durham. Because of its lack of luster, I took to it a bottle of Windex and some napkins I stole from The Loop. BAM! Genie time! I’m not kidding.


While you were sleeping

Like many of you out there in Dukedom on Election Day, I was awake late into the night, watching as those fabled Democratic precincts in Cleveland failed to deliver Ohio to Kerry.