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Duke students will move into Krzyzewskiville Saturday for the start of black tenting.

Zion Williamson v.s. my GPA: Who would win?

As a senior who hasn’t tented before, this tenting season was my last chance to endure the frosty temperatures, complain endlessly about how much I don’t want to sleep in a tent tonight, and forge friendships through a shared suffering.

Rick Johnson noted that the fire alarms in West Union have gone off between 15 and 20 times this semester. 

Fight intolerance by embracing diversity

“How’s everything been at Duke?” While studying abroad last semester, I expected to hear from my friends on campus about late nights at Perkins, struggles with recruitment, cheering at Cameron, and hilarious memories from the weekends.


In defense of public discourse

When I first read my fellow columnist and co-worker, Lizzie Bond’s, latest column, my gut reaction was to issue a quick fortification of my previous case for Selective Living Groups—”A greater defense for SLGs” if you will.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Always trust magic

If you’ve ever knelt down to pick up a stray fortune cookie fortune littered on the ground, or gotten your knees dirty to search for a four-leaf clover in the grass, then you know the feeling that I’m talking about.


When Duke is a foreign culture

In November, Honor Council wrote about how to behave honorably in a global world. When I read it, I reflected on my own moral code and recognized the ways in which it was similar to that of others. Yet I also realized that my unique background and personal experiences have shaped my perspectives on life.


The most interesting people you will never meet

“You got your freshmen, ROTC guys, preps, JV jocks, Asian nerds, cool Asians, varsity jocks, unfriendly black hotties, girls who eat their feelings, girls who don't eat anything, desperate wannabes, burnouts, sexually active band geeks, the greatest people you will ever meet, and the worst. Beware of The Plastics.”


Why are the woke folk sleeping right now?

I am reminded of this line Marley roars at Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol because a few days ago I received some very bad advice. Who wants to hear a student’s views on anything outside the Duke Bubble, someone insisted, when the Duke Bubble is the only thing students really know?