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President Vincent Price gave opening remarks condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Why did Russia invade Ukraine, and how will the war end? Former ambassador to Russia breaks down invasion in talk

Peter Feaver, professor of political science and public policy, spoke with Michael McFaul, former U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation, on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a moderated event Tuesday evening. Topics of discussion included the history of relations between Russia, Ukraine and the West and the potential outcome of the war.

The entrance to the Duke Campus Center Pharmacy.

House Bill 96 facilitates greater access to birth control, HIV drugs, but implementation timeline remains unclear

The medications would not truly be “over the counter” because pharmacists still have to counsel patients and eventually notify their primary care provider, according to Duke Campus Center pharmacist Ellen Hawk. Additionally, pharmacists cannot dispense the medication without a standing order, which are signed instructions of a provider authorized by state law to prescribe the medication.