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Amy Chua, a former Duke Law School professor, allegedly invited students and federal judges to her home for dinner parties despite Yale students and faculty being asked not to host or attend maskless indoor gatherings.

Former Duke Law School professor Amy Chua embroiled in ‘Dinner Party-gate’ controversy at Yale Law

In March, several law students reported that Amy Chua had hosted parties with food and alcohol at her house that winter, presenting screenshotted text threads as evidence. While this wouldn’t normally be grounds for disciplinary action, students and faculty had been asked not to host or attend maskless indoor gatherings because of the pandemic. 

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

North Carolina lifts most coronavirus restrictions

The announcement came one day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued updated guidelines on masking. All capacity and gathering limits and social distancing requirements have been lifted statewide. Masks will still be required in certain situations including crowded areas, public transit, schools and certain public health settings.