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A hall at Duke Kunshan University.

To stay or not to stay

In recent days, the Duke Kunshan University Campus has been unusually quiet. You still see the odd person walking about, but they tend to silently hide their face behind a school-distributed N-95 mask.

Carrboro band Personality Cult performing at Coffeehouse

'It's not Shooters': Sights and sounds of a Saturday night at Duke Coffeehouse

Upon approaching, I could make out the sound of drums, a guitar, a voice. Despite the bitter cold, three people stood outside, one taking long drags from a cigarette and blowing out smoke that was carried away by the wind. Beside them, the window emitted a lime green light reminiscent of a Disney villain’s color of choice. “The Coffeehouse wants to be an alternative to mainstream social culture,” says Booking Manager Will Atkinson. “It’s not Shooters.”