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Election 2020

Duke Votes, Duke Students for Biden and Duke Democrats are finding creative ways to get out the vote during a pandemic.

From a virtual 'support group' to getting some sleep, students plan for election night

Election Day is here, and Duke students have made their plans to watch the results—conclusive or not—come in. Some will attend a virtual watch party as they wait with bated breath to see what happens in the contest between incumbent President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Others plan to watch with smaller groups or do their best not to focus on election coverage at all.  


Joe Biden is a political opioid

Shaking off the stupor of late stage decadence is simply too aggravating for an “exhausted” America. Instead, we will resume a comfortable nap, resigned to the fact that this polity lacks the rousing, collective ambition necessary to solve our greatest challenges.  


Voting will not save us

If voting is all you have or could ever conceive of having, you’ve long lost whatever war you think we’re fighting. Rather than feeling despair about this election, believe in a revolutionary optimism instead. See you in 2021.