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Questioning the merits of merit

As Duke students begin rallying for LWOC, LDOC, and finals season, Blue Devil Days floods campus with starry-eyed prospective first years who eagerly explore campus and exchange Snapchat handles as a currency of new friendships.

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It's all Greek Ally Week to me

One week of the year dedicated to providing a shaky education to those within Greek organizations who choose to attend doesn’t exonerate the patriarchal system foundational to Greek life of the harm it causes within its community and in Duke at large. 


The invisible labor of marginalized faculty

While it may be too late for the Ethnicity, Race & Migration program at Yale, it is our obligation to continue to fight for fair faculty treatment and review for those who take on the extra labor of supporting the most vulnerable and underserved students.


The long road to 2020

Amidst this digital beauty patient that has become the race to be Ms. Democratic Candidate 2020, we should look beyond the metaphorical bathing suits and hackneyed “world peace!” responses among the many generic candidates in a crowded field.


On DSG and laptops

Yet, with this new laptop ban in place, DSG as an institutional body (hopefully) can concentrate more on pressing issues at hand instead of scrolling through the memes page in the middle of SOFC budgeting. 


The case for RA unionization

Not only do the Resident Assistants fired for tenting deserve to be reinstated, RA’s deserve a union and the collective security to make sure they can continue to serve the Duke community to the best of their abilities. 


New Zealand and the moral imperative to defeat white supremacy

The reality is that white supremacists aren’t as far removed as we’d like to believe.  The individuals that attended that mosque were stripped of their futures and ripped from their families; these tragedies will continue to happen unless we confront the ideological roots wherever they are.Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough. We have the right to feel grief and heartbreak, but we also have a moral obligation to defeat white supremacy. 


Beyond Varsity Blues

 The rules of the game have always been unfair and the legal parameters around what moves are acceptable are rather meaningless when you were never meant to win in the first place.


Failing the 48 percent

Rates of sexual assault that are this high at a school that purportedly prides itself on representing a safe, diverse community, speak volumes about how poorly we reconcile our own complicit involvement on the matter. 


A $73,513 education

The fact that current and past administrators are unsure of Duke’s ability managing an increase in both financial aid and tuition should merit concern.  


My obsession with the president's daughter

While chugging down a handle of Aristocrat on a Saturday night, it is easy to feel somewhat grateful that, unlike Malia Obama, for the ordinary Duke student, documentation of their Shooter’s bathroom blackout will most likely be limited to snapchats among class friends, and not the Daily Mail. 


What gets Blue Devils fired up?

You can be bummed about the K-Ville changes and recognize the larger issues that need student attention; the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but to have the former without the latter is a troubling allocation of time and investment.


Writing on the light rail

Given Duke’s relationship to such projects in the past, hopefully whatever Price’s decision ends up being is one that will benefit many outside the walls of this college campus.