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An argument for being materialistic

(10/04/22 11:00am)

Why are disco balls so expensive? Sure, the first option on Amazon is a reasonable $20.99 — but it’s like, the size of my head. If you want a more substantial club-ready ball, you’re paying $50 for a styrofoam ball with some shiny squares glued on it. This is where I’d say, “Whatever, just make it yourself.” Except styrofoam balls are the exact same price as disco balls, which is where you should really start to get upset because it’s literally just… styrofoam? Add that to the list of Things That Cost Way More Than You Would Think: swimsuits, socks, everything at WU this year.

Abolish fall break

(10/04/22 4:00am)

The idea of Duke’s fall break has always perplexed me. Spring break makes sense; even though it isn’t usually positioned around Easter or another holiday, it marks pretty evenly the middle of the second semester, and gives a long enough pause from classes and assignments to do something. Whether that be to go somewhere, get ahead on your work or just relax for a while, spring break at least lets you breathe.

Linguistics student accidentally rediscovers eldritch language

(10/03/22 4:00am)

A student in an introductory linguistics class unintentionally reconstructed the rules of an ancient language on a midterm exam, according to an announcement released by the Linguistics department this week. The Vectripincen language had previously been poorly understood by historians, with most surviving texts found in remote, strange crypts, or bound in ancient texts rumored to carry curses. However, the new insights into its verb conjugations, hastily scribbled in the margins of an otherwise low-scoring exam packet, open new doors into understanding Vectripincen’s complex grammatical structure.

Film room: Analyzing Duke men's basketball wing Jacob Grandison

(10/03/22 9:43pm)

A new era of Duke men's basketball is on the horizon, and with it comes an almost entirely new roster. In this series, the Blue Zone analyzes film on each of the Blue Devils' new signees and transfers for the 2022-23 season. We previously looked at Kale Catchings, Ryan Young, Jaden Schutt, Mark Mitchell, Dariq Whitehead, Dereck Lively II, Christian Reeves, Kyle Filipowski and Tyrese Proctor. Next, let’s take a look at Jacob Grandison:

Film room: Analyzing Duke women's basketball guard Reigan Richardson

(10/05/22 5:20pm)

After an up-and-down 2021-22 season, Duke returns to the hardwood this year with a handful of fresh faces and true grit. In this series, the Blue Zone analyzes the new signees’ film for the 2022-23 season. We previously looked at Kennedy Brown, Taya Corosdale,  Ashlon Jackson, Emma Koabel and Mia Heide. Next up is Reigan Richardson:

A statement from GPSG’s Director of Environment and Sustainability regarding Duke’s Climate Commitment

(10/03/22 4:00am)

On September 29th, Duke University announced their Climate Commitment, in which President Price pledged the entire university would devote all efforts and resources to combating climate change. Duke joins hundreds of universities in recognizing their environmental and social impacts upon the unceded Indigenous land of which they occupy, upon the students they serve, upon the communities with which they engage, and upon the nation as a whole. Devoting all Duke’s resources towards the climate crisis is a symbolic and bold challenge, one that I believe Duke can be well suited to if done correctly.