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Lest we forget

(11/06/23 5:00am)

This is a season of remembrance in various traditions with days for Día de los Muertos, All Hallows, All Souls and All Saints. It makes sense to me to celebrate memory because it is so essential for our lives. We rely on memory for many things — how to find our way back home, where our offices are, where we parked our cars (this can be a challenging one!), our phone numbers, our birth dates and birthplaces and where we were during historic, tragic or joyful moments.

The constant 'renovations' on Abele Quad are counterproductive

(11/03/23 11:10am)

If you've been asking yourself when construction and maintenance work is going to end on West Campus, it’s completely understandable. In my first two months on campus as a transfer student, I’ve had to learn and then relearn the ways to my classes not once but at least half a dozen times. I’ve become exhausted from attempting to find new foolproof ways to classes, the library, WU and the bus stop. I’ve even gotten lost in the Divinity School while finding a detour for traveling between my statistics class at the Levine Science Research Center and the library because the path I normally take through the breezeway was closed.

Which Cameron Crazie free-throw distraction is the most effective? An analysis from inside the graduate student section

(11/03/23 4:40am)

In Cameron Indoor Stadium, section 17 is front and center — Cameron Crazies pack the undergraduate student section more than an hour before tipoff and serve as the nucleus of energy that envelops the building at gametime. Many of the chants, cheers and jeers for which the Blue Devils have become famous originate from these packed rows of fans.

Arts & Sciences Council discusses possibility of implementing mandatory ‘first-year clusters’ under curriculum revamp

(11/03/23 3:40am)

Arts & Sciences Council discussed the possibility of implementing mandatory “first-year clusters” as well as other changes to the first-year curriculum as part of its ongoing project of revamping the Trinity College curriculum at their Thursday meeting. 

Naps in Neverland: Three things I’ll miss about Duke in the working world

(11/03/23 11:04am)

When I was a freshman, I thought that being a working adult would be paradise. Corporate America would mean the absence of my biggest Duke gripes: midterm exams, big egos and suspiciously soggy $5 cantaloupe. Never again would I spend $10 on 10 grams of salmon or sob over a silly school assignment. I would get paid for opening my laptop. What could be better?

5 observations and more from Duke football's first half against Wake Forest

(11/03/23 12:57am)

On a chilly night at Wallace Wade Stadium, Duke and Wake Forest are locked in a tight battle between teams looking to halt their losing skids. The Blue Devil offense looked stunted early but picked up steam at the end of the half, and the game sits tied 14-14 after 30 minutes of play: