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Here goes a photographer's attempt to write

(04/19/22 4:00am)

This is my first and last time writing something more than a photo caption for The Chronicle, and honestly, I’m nervous. Over my four years at The Chronicle, my life has existed through the eye of a camera, whether it’s enjoying a visiting speaker or experiencing some of the greatest college basketball games. I believed that my images would convey the love I had for The Chronicle; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? But after thinking long and hard about what I wanted to leave The Chronicle with, I didn’t want it to just be pictures. I wanted to use my words to express my emotions at least once, and so with that, here it goes.  

‘The state of our city is good’: Durham Mayor Elaine O’Neal delivers first State of the City Address

(04/19/22 5:22am)

After three months in office, Durham Mayor Elaine O’Neal delivered her first State of the City Address on April 18. She reflected on Durham’s previous year and shared her plans for the year ahead, focusing on the topics of safe neighborhoods, shared economic prosperity, public health and inclusivity. 

I love Duke

(04/19/22 4:00am)

My final semester of high school was the hardest time of my life. I was dealing with hardships that I never imagined I would have to go through. Those last few months, I constantly reminded myself that soon enough I would be at Duke. Soon enough, I would be at my safe haven.  

‘Grateful for little things’: Moments from a Tuesday on the Bryan Center plaza

(04/19/22 5:24am)

It’s the kind of day a college campus was made for. The sun shines from a blue sky patterned with clouds. New leaves and dogwood flowers splash green and white onto old gray stone. A tour group stands on Abele Quad while Keith and Nugget greet people outside the Brodhead Center. On the Duke Gardens lawn, a family eats lunch by the pond, and a pair of seniors work on their tans on a nearby bench. 

Learning how to write sentences again

(04/18/22 4:05am)

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on how I choose to communicate—why I hold my tongue, or why I let it run. This past weekend, it occurred to me that there was no reason why I was holding onto a specific piece of information that’s caused me rage for three years. Thus, I took to Instagram and divulged the name of the student who, in my freshman year, attempted to assault me. That part of me was already stained, but this divulgence could help protect others from him. Once, I feared that Duke would strike back at me if I ever spoke publicly about it, because the university is notoriously terrible at handling sexual misconduct cases. However, this is an all-too-common tragedy that goes beyond this university—what happened to me could have happened to anyone, anywhere. When institutions fail to protect us (which is often), I’ve learned that sometimes, you have to rely on good people.

What made 'Regular Show' so irregular

(04/18/22 1:00pm)

I don’t watch too many cartoons anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I outgrew cartoons — animation is a medium, not a genre, and there are plenty of animations to enjoy as an adult. I’m just saying that I haven’t been able to find cartoons that have commanded my attention. Despite a few exceptions, adult animation seems so bland, and I haven’t been able to vibe with much childrens’ animation, no matter how acclaimed it is. This is a drastic change from who I was growing up, when I spent my waking hours consuming every cartoon I could possibly watch. I’d split my time between 4Kidz, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, but the king of animation in my eyes was always Cartoon Network. The 2000s belonged to Cartoon Network — between “Adventure Time,” “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” and “Scooby-Doo,” I definitely made time in my day for cartoons. There was, however, one show that topped them all — one TV show that remains ingrained in my mind and had a profound impact on the trajectory of my humor and personality as a kid. That show was “Regular Show.”