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No. 3 Duke men's soccer proves its merit in imperfect defeat of Notre Dame

(10/15/22 3:49pm)

Leading into the 2008 financial crisis, banks engaged in increasingly risky behavior justified by the fact that they were too big to fail. We know now that that logic led to one of the most disastrous collapses of any entity in history, and, ridiculous as it may seem, many sports teams have risen and fallen in the same way, too loaded with talent to see systemic flaws. Then, when they face some pressure and things don’t completely click, they collapse, because they were never equipped to confront their own failings. 

No. 3 Duke men's soccer bests Notre Dame in regular-season rematch of 2021 ACC Championship

(10/15/22 4:16am)

Hummingbirds are some of the planet’s most unique animals: green and pink feathers, wings that flutter 50 times per second, long, toothpick-like beaks. Outside of their biology, most people know and love the birds for their regular forays into suburban backyards and the resulting pit stops at nectar-stocked bird feeders.

Passing on

(10/17/22 4:00am)

When we hear the phrase “passing on,” we may think of someone’s death. This is certainly one meaning of the phrase, but there is another way of thinking of it. It has to do with life, learning, and legacy. That is, even if someone has “passed on” as in death, they may have also “passed on” something to those who are left behind. 

Duke loves watching bad bitch monkeys

(10/17/22 4:00am)

Naturalistic observation is awesome. Every day, you go out in the wild, pen and notebook in hand, discreetly writing down everything you see and hear. Occasionally, you take notes from audio or video recordings or rely on the work of your colleagues to stay up to date. And over the course of several weeks or months, you review your material, extract trends, and try to impart some meaning to all the information you’ve collected. 

Center for Muslim Life adapts to new space on West Campus as Duke's Muslim community grows

(10/14/22 1:25am)

This is part four in a series profiling the identity centers at Duke, highlighting the work they do and their roles on campus. Part three, which focuses on the Women's Center at Duke, can be found here. Check back for more articles in coming weeks.

Beats' picks: Will Duke football take back Victory Bell from North Carolina?

(10/15/22 4:48am)

Before every game this season, our football beat writers predict whether the Blue Devils will pick up a win in their weekly matchup and keep track of their records throughout the year. After a crushing loss in overtime at Georgia Tech, Duke now gets a shot against its fiercest rival, North Carolina, at 8 p.m. Saturday.

5 things to know before Duke football takes aim at rival North Carolina

(10/14/22 3:50am)

As the air chills in the Triangle with Halloween approaching, the 4-2 Blue Devils welcome archrival North Carolina for a duel Saturday night at Wallace Wade Stadium. The Tar Heels have become somewhat of a Michael Myers to Duke recently, killing its spirit by coming out on top in almost every competition. Just this year, North Carolina has trumped the Blue Devils in basketball (twice) and most recently in women’s soccer. Football has been no different: The Tar Heels have held possession of the Victory Bell since 2019.

Duke Student Government stops marketing of roommate app, citing greater student interest in campus roommate reforms

(10/13/22 1:34am)

This August, a Duke alumna piloted the Coexist app to make living with a roommate easier. But after a preliminary marketing collaboration with Duke Student Government, student leaders determined that there was not sufficient student interest to continue promoting the app on campus. 

Post-pandemic, Duke service workers describe ongoing labor shortages despite minimum wage increase

(10/13/22 3:25am)

Last fall, Duke Dining facilities experienced staffing shortages caused by the pandemic, following national shortage trends. Since then, the University has seen a post-pandemic return to normal in the classroom and on-campus. 

X-Factor: DeWayne Carter, defense need to rally Duke football past North Carolina's powerful offense

(10/13/22 2:10am)

Just as an immovable object meets an unstoppable force, Duke and North Carolina will face off once more, with the Victory Bell and another chapter in the rivalry on the line. Ahead of the Saturday night matchup at Wallace Wade Stadium, the Blue Zone analyzes a player from each end zone capable of leading their team to victory: