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Take of the week: Duke men's basketball is primed for a strong regular-season finish

(4 hours ago)

To say it has been a season of ups and downs for Duke would be an understatement. The Blue Devils are undefeated at home with some big wins against strong teams like Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Miami. At the same time, the squad from Durham has also blown some bad games on the road. Duke lost to a relatively weak Virginia Tech team, was blown out by N.C. State by a whopping 24 points and narrowly escaped what should have been an easy win against Boston College.

Why are there no Jewish holiday movies?

(10 hours ago)

Though my family and I are neither Christians nor observers of Christmas, we have our own little Christmas tradition of sorts. Each year, we get together, watch a movie in the local theater, and then eat Chinese food at a restaurant (yes, we took that from A Christmas Story). While we don’t watch Christmas movies on the day of Christmas, I’d like to think that we’d try and watch Hanukkah movies on Hanukkah, if there wasn’t a major hurdle to this idea – there are quite literally no good Hanukkah movies. The terribly mediocre array of choices include: cheesy Hallmark productions about a Christian learning about Hanukkah while falling in love with a Jew, a low-budget Disney TV movie about a man coaching a Jewish basketball team, a film about a boy who’d rather celebrate Christmas and a very Adam Sandler-esque animated movie starring Adam Sandler. 

Reflections on a life lived through social media: The internet can never BeReal

(20 hours ago)

Recently, the rising popularity of BeReal has me questioning whether social media will ever truly be real. At the end of the day, social media is fundamentally designed for us to share our “highlight reels," and yet I do think the original social media I remember was very authentic, especially when I was a middle schooler in 2015.

First half of Duke women's basketball's loss to Florida State played with a men's ball, head coach Kara Lawson says

(22 hours ago)

The first half of Duke women's basketball's Sunday loss at Florida State was played with a men's ball, according to a closing statement made by head coach Kara Lawson in her postgame press conference Thursday evening following the Blue Devils' home win against Pittsburgh.

'We don't know each other': Duke men's basketball's rivalry with North Carolina through students' eyes

(20 hours ago)

The Duke-North Carolina rivalry is in its own realm of competition. Just about any list of top sports foes will have the two schools in the top five—Bleacher Report once ranked it as the No. 1 American sports rivalry, beating all of the great professional rivalries like Yankees-Red Sox and Celtics-Lakers. The hate between the two schools is legendary, and when they share a court, field or any other playing space, things can tend to get ugly.

To build a home

(02/02/23 5:00am)

It’s my fourth year at Duke and one thing’s stayed the same: my dorm walls are bare. My dorm has changed three times; my walls have always been bare. And in the corner where two walls kiss, my laundry basket is full—laundry basket as in dirty pile, full as in towering. I’ve never minded, not until recently at least. I’ve never understood the point of domestic work. Why do people make beds? Well, for the same reason people wipe their ass after they shit, is what I’ve been told. But I wipe my ass after I shit because if I don’t, then my asscrack itches. I don’t itch if I don’t make my bed. In fact, I can roll under the mess of crumpled sheets and right into tomorrow without a pause. And I often did. 

'Mutual respect': Jon Scheyer, Hubert Davis and the making of a rivalry at a crossroads

(20 hours ago)

On a rainy December night in New York, Duke waltzed into Madison Square Garden for a nationally televised matchup against Iowa. The win that followed was relatively unremarkable; the Blue Devils shut down Hawkeye star Kris Murray and cruised to a 74-62 victory behind their defense.