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5 things to know before Duke football hits the road for Kansas

(09/22/22 4:06am)

With a spotless 3-0 record, the Blue Devils will travel to Lawrence, Kan., this Saturday, to face off against another 3-0 program, the Kansas Jayhawks. Kansas, coming off of an impressive 48-30 victory at Houston, are heavy 7.5-point favorites in the matchup. However, Duke will go into Saturday riding the momentum from its blowout win against North Carolina A&T. Here are five things to look for when the game kicks off. 

Students Supporting Israel hosts activist Bassem Eid, discusses Palestinian leadership, Israel-Palestine conflict

(09/22/22 3:20am)

Human rights activist Bassem Eid, a Palestinian, discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the Gaza Strip and voiced his opinions on Palestinian leadership in an event hosted by Students Supporting Israel Sunday.

All-time empathy is toxic

(09/22/22 4:00am)

Too many times I have heard my entire girl group complain when one member opened up about being unhappy. The doctrine “walk in others’ shoes'' is rife on social media where people expect emotional reciprocity. Take for example a mean co-worker. “Oh, she’s a bitch to me too,” is what is expected of the listener in response to the litany of malicious practices done unto them by the referred “bitch.” When we immerse ourselves in the story of the complainer–whether heartbreaking, resentful or apprehensive–it feels as if we did an empathetic act of a supportive companion. However, the truth is that continual empathy in communication does not necessarily translate into healthy communication.

Duke doesn’t want me. Neither does my home.

(09/22/22 4:00am)

I live in a city known only to the world for its women’s prison that inspired Orange is the New Black and its sewage plant that memorializes the still-alive comedian John Oliver. Danbury, Connecticut—squared away in New England’s westernmost border—is virtually unknown to the Duke public, granting me an iota of something squarely mine on a campus teeming with commonalities.

What's so special about peanuts?

(09/22/22 4:00am)

One day at WU, I walked downstairs to order my go-to meal from Panera: the Fuji apple salad with chicken. However, when I opened it up, I realized that the pecans, a staple of the dish, were missing.  After a brief moment of confusion, I remembered that this was due to Duke’s transition to a nut-free campus. A few days later, I noticed that Duke had also gotten rid of almond milk and replaced it with soy milk. It sounds trivial, but I wasn’t just disappointed with my salad or the fact that I now have to go off campus to find almond milk. I was disappointed that Duke, like many others, has begun to follow the pattern of prioritizing people with nut allergies over those who have allergic reactions to other foods.

Revolution of (all) time: The obsessed and ephemeral in ‘Blue Island’

(09/22/22 12:00pm)

Rarely do biopics transcend the lives they feature. They take care to progress linearly through the past, neatly immersing the viewer in the reality they proffer, with perhaps a voiceover or two from the present to tease at or foreshadow if they’re feeling particularly theatric. But for 憂鬱之島 (eng. “Blue Island”) director Chan Tze Woon, time and place are mere accessories — between frames, he jumps decades, from the Chinese Cultural Revolution to 2019 and back again, skirting across the harbor along the way. Documentary bleeds into dramatization, the past into the present, as the camera follows actors off set to dinners with the people they portray. And throughout the film, there’s a sense of growing dread: the potent anxiety of a city that feels it is damned. 

Vote in North Carolina. Pretty please.

(09/21/22 4:00am)

One of the best parts of being a Duke student is having a free subscription to the New York Times. Seriously, I am obsessed with it. If you have not yet taken advantage of this life-changing Duke student perk, I encourage you to do so immediately. Here is the link in case you are interested. Now, once you’ve signed up for the New York Times (Did I mention it’s free if you’re a Duke student?), I strongly recommend reading Opinion writer and Sanford School of Public Policy professor Frank Bruni’s appropriately titled piece “One of America’s Most Seductive States Is Also One of Its Scariest.” 

Getting your hands green: The Chronicle’s guide to campus, local sustainable organizations

(09/21/22 2:11am)

As we close out our first month of the semester, you may have a laundry list of tasks to complete. One of those things that may be looming in the back of your mind is finding ways to do your environmental part. If you’re looking for opportunities to help the environment, there are a variety of green organizations to join on and off campus. 

Scouting the opponent: Duke football set for battle of undefeated teams at Kansas

(09/20/22 10:39pm)

Duke has gotten off to a remarkably hot 3-0 start, and following a 49-20 blowout win against North Carolina A&T, the Blue Devils will hit the road Saturday to face Kansas in Lawrence, Kan. The Jayhawks have started with an equally blazing 3-0 start, and Saturday’s showdown on the road will likely be an offensive shootout. Can the Blue Devils make it to 4-0? Or will the Jayhawks end Duke head coach Mike Elko’s honeymoon? Let’s take a look at what the squad hailing from Lawrence has coming up for the Blue Devils.