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SLGs or QuadEx? Why not both!

(09/13/22 12:28pm)

Freshman year is about trial and error. You start with a blank canvas without many of the expectations of the life you left behind. The newfound freedom is astounding. Soon, that canvas begins to be colored by the people you meet and the decisions you make: joining and staying in communities when you feel understood, and leaving when you don’t. I’m not saying this process is easy; it can take weeks, months or even years to finally feel like you have found the right people. But I do think this experimental process is essential to self-discovery. You uncover what you truly value in relationships and who makes you feel the best. 

Duke Human Rights Center highlights intersection between voting rights, environmental justice in panel

(09/12/22 4:33am)

In 1982, Warren County residents sparked a national environmental justice movement by protesting a toxic waste landfill in their community, just 60 miles away from Duke University. Forty years later, the Duke Human Rights Center sponsored a panel on voting rights, environmental justice and the power of protest in promoting equity and health on Sept. 8.  

If you must be immoral, be honest about it

(09/12/22 4:00am)

Payday lenders are hated by many, and understandably so. I have mixed feelings about them, though. They make money off a failure of society, and one that feels very avoidable: millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, unable to afford an emergency. Higher wages and an improved social safety net could eliminate the need for these institutions, but nobody with power seems interested in making that happen. To that extent, payday loans can be seen as an unnecessary ‘necessary evil.’ Abolishing them, without these aforementioned changes, would hurt those who lack alternative ways to get quick cash. That’s what payday lenders hang their hat on: it’s horrible, but it’s honest. Hence, I am able to imagine—and wish for—a world without payday lenders, and I have some idea of how society gets there. Earnin is a company that comes from a new generation of ‘quick cash solutions,’ and they need you to think that they’re ethical. Something about that makes me viscerally upset, not only at the company, but also at the culture that spawned it.

'Just kept going and going': Behind fast-paced, explosive offense, Duke football escapes Northwestern

(09/10/22 11:32pm)

EVANSTON, ILL.—With four seconds left in the first quarter, Duke was backed up to its own 14-yard line for third down. Sophomore quarterback Riley Leonard passed it out to senior receiver Eli Pancol who broke through the Northwestern defense. He made it 81 yards before he was taken down.