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Don't Bette On It

(10/06/00 4:00am)

You waited all summer. And now, after months of anticipation, the time has come: new episodes of Moesha! Well... maybe Brandy doesn't tickle your fancy, but the coming weeks promise an on-air onslaught of prime-time premieres fit to make even the most unenthusiastic viewer a little randy. From Frasier to Futurama and back again, the fall TV season is upon us.

Olympic Sold

(09/15/00 4:00am)

Amid the glitz and glamour of the Olympic Games, torches will pass, dramas will unfold and heroes will emerge. And no moment will escape the watchful eye of NBC. With over 440 hours of coverage beaming home from Down Under, the Peacock is promising "The Complete Olympics." But will we be watching?

Cracked Out Candy

(09/08/00 4:00am)

We all know the type. A high school fixture as celebrated and reviled as the head cheerleader or varsity quarterback. You remember her: the 47-year-old ex-prostitute drug addict who returns to complete her diploma while getting a little on the side. Well, maybe not exactly, but Strangers With Candy's Jerri Blank is more all-American high school than the PTA would like to admit.

This week's "other" concert

(02/05/99 5:00am)

What's a girl to do? At the tender age of twenty-two, Alanis Morissette had fame, fortune and critical acclaim. Her multiplatinum breakthrough, Jagged Little Pill, had earned her a legion of followers and a boxful of Grammies. Rock smashes like "You Oughtta Know" and "Ironic" had sailed up the charts, becoming modern anthems of lost love, angst and introspection. But after the dust had settled, Morissette didn't go to Disney World or back to the recording studio-she went to India. After a six-month stay during a nearly two-year sabbatical, Morissette returned to record her transcendental follow-up, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, which debuted amid a storm of publicity last fall. Now Morissette is back where she started-on stage. Her Junkie Tour, which teams her with fellow femme-rocker Liz Phair, stops in Chapel Hill's Carmichael Auditorium this Saturday, and thousands of Morissette's devotees will be there to say "Thank U."

MUSIC: Shania Twain

(11/20/98 5:00am)

Madonna. Whitney. Mariah. Janet. Just when the burgeoning borders of divadom had seemed to reach their limits, in snuck another pop princess. Like fellow Canadian imports Alanis and Celine, Shania Twain has conquered a kingdom of her own, flooding airwaves and dominating sales charts in the process. Her crossover hit "Still the One" lingers on radio and VH1, and her current world tour, which lands in Chapel Hill this Saturday, continues to gain momentum.

all that jazz

(09/21/95 4:00am)

In 1958, an unknown, amateur photographer by the name of Art Kane let it be known that he planned to take a picture commemorating the golden age of jazz in a special issue of Esquire magazine. The shoot was going to be early, at about ten in the morning, so he feared a weak turnout, since jazz musicians were notorious for sleeping all day and playing into the early hours of the morning. As it turns out, however, the great musicians did show up, and the young photographer captured on film what would become one of the most famous photographs of jazz legends ever taken. Of those who came, Dizzy Gillespie, Art Farmer, Horace Silver, and Thelonius Monk were but a handful of the most well-known, and never again would such an event take place which would so perfectly illustrate the proud history of jazz music.