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Celebrity Deathmatch-in the Flesh

(03/07/02 5:00am)

As if Mike Tyson's ear-biting exploits weren't dramatic enough, the Fox television network brings us Celebrity Boxing, Hollywood-style smackdown with a ringful of B-list all stars. You know how this must have happened: In its never-ending quest to lower the bar for primetime programming, Fox looked to cable's paragon of profundities: MTV. Some smarmy young executive was watching late-night reruns of the music network's past-prime Celebrity Deathmatch and in a rare moment of inspiration thought to himself, "Wouldn't that be cooler if they were real?!"

DSG Does Madison Ave.

(02/28/02 5:00am)

Today is election day for DSG hopefuls, and after a month-long parade o' politicized whoring, the inevitable barrage of ballot snafus will be welcome closure to Duke's annual production of D.C. in Durham. If you've stumbled through the Bryan Center or lingered near a bulletin board, you've probably waded through campaign flyers--the Charmin Ultra of the undergraduate electoral process. We'd offer a "best and worst" list of these pathetic support pleas, but the predictable dearth of the latter yields only the following:

Mistress of Electronica

(02/21/02 5:00am)

aul Oakenfold. John Digweed. Barbara Brown? In the name game of electronica, "Misstress Barbara" may not rest among techno's inner circle, but the Sicilian-born Canadian DJ is spinning clubgoers into a tizzy from LA to Ibiza. On her new studio mix, Relentless Beats Volume 2, Misstress Barbara further perfects her high-impact house style in a frenetic set low on miscues and replete with infectious samples.

Aurora in the Heavens

(01/31/02 5:00am)

ne of the finest restaurants in Chapel Hill isn't on Franklin Street. Aurora, an upscale Italian eatery formerly nestled in trendy Carrboro, is a hidden treasure just off Highway 54. With neo-Mediterranean flourishes and classic interpretation, the dishes are exquisite and reasonably priced for their quality.

Jackson Sucks

(11/02/01 5:00am)

If any doubts persist about the flat-lining of Michael Jackson's music career, the Gloved One's resurrection/comeback effort, Invincible, puts every last one of them to rest. Overproduced from start to finish, Invincible epitomizes the stale character of late '90s pop-hop-fusion studio creations. Laced with driving beats, trite lyrics and overpowering bass lines, Invincible is Jackson at his worst: catchy but uninspired, listenable but predictable, desperate to please but devoid of any modicum of artistic risk-taking.

Note from the Editor

(09/14/01 4:00am)

In the wake of this week's tragic events, entertainment may be just about the last thing on our minds. The innocence of our luxuries--laughing heartily in a movie theater, dining out with friends or curling up with a good book--seems somehow adulterated. Obsessing over celebrity gossip, prognosticating about the fall film season and indulging other pastimes in the sphere of soft news stand naked in their triviality. The horrors of the past week have immobilized our great nation in a surreal freeze frame, and the entertainment community is no exception.

Televised Tragedy

(09/14/01 4:00am)

In the rush to cover last Tuesday's attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., the nation's major news sources grappled with journalistic dilemmas: How best to document the developing story? What ethical boundaries should be observed? Television news divisions arrived at various conclusions, and the onscreen outcomes produced several successes and failures.