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Letter: Demonstrate courage by voting

(10/17/18 4:00am)

Dear Chronicle, Your editorial, “Dissecting Dixie” (10/15/18) offered more than the usual skimpy allure for students to consider issues of class and race in the context of the elite education they are receiving. Elite is, of course, something toward which to aspire in education. I liked especially these thoughtful words in the context of class, and concerning myths about other geographical regions of the United States. Now, an invitation: there is something students may do, and rather immediately, to act upon their self-reflection.  That is, VOTE. You do have time. You do have the opportunity to think about and actually act on behalf of those upon which our privilege as citizens has depended. Please demonstrate your courage and your regard for others. In doing so, prove to the rest of the world that a new generation actually does care! If not, others must assume that when so few young voters participate, with so much at stake, student actions are driven only by narrow self-interest. You can find all you need about early voting, absentee ballots, and everything else at Duke Votes. Stephen Jaffe Stephen Jaffe is the Mary and James H. Semans professor of music composition.