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Not the self-evident truth

(12/05/16 3:04pm)

Objectivity is subjectively defined. Beyond the seeming paradox of these words lies a truth one may unironically note as authentic. The frameworks of our everyday conversations revolve around ambiguous and subjective rubrics—coined “objective” by their authors. And to find evidence, one need look no further than the unexpected grade they once received on an assignment.

No turning back

(11/07/16 5:55am)

The U.S. presidential elections have been as emblematic of our country as our stars and stripes. This season, on “Keeping up with the States,” the world has watched as ludicrous, unfathomable and blatantly horrific history unfolded (if not more scandalously revealed by Access Hollywood). And just like the so similarly named television series, what we witness—in all its convoluted and hard-to-digest glory—is undeniably real. This is our reality show and believe it or not, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are just two names who happened to fit the casting-call this time around.

Black lives still matter

(09/26/16 1:57pm)

Hung from trees, shot hundreds of times, castrated, stabbed and stripped of every inch of their human dignity, blacks of America’s past endured a history of injustice the modern day has yet to put behind. Although this culture of lynching, herein defined as the practice of killing in the absence of a legal authority, may have originated in 18th-century United States as a method of justice, its current-day applications remain omnipresent.

Rule of three

(09/12/16 1:18pm)

The ongoing strategic, economic and militaristic partnership between the United States, Japan and South Korea remains underappreciated, despite its powerful and changing role. With elevated tensions in the region as President Barack Obama vowed to enact new sanctions against North Korea in light of their recent nuclear warhead tests within Japan’s air defense identification zone, an allegiance between the three nations could pave the way for a new world order.

The posturer's folly

(08/29/16 4:17pm)

The “socially-liberal-and-fiscally-conservative” identity remains exceptionally pervasive on college campuses. Despite the bipartisan allure of this defining political philosophy, there remains a fundamental disconnect between the so-called “liberal” and “conservative” components of this “viewpoint.” Effectively, the beliefs of a socially liberal person do not harmonize with those of a conservative. Although so-called “social” and “fiscal” ideologies cannot be compartmentalized, they are wrongly conflated into a misleading identity—one that reflects the current status of American understanding of policy and politics.

Iran 2.0

(01/21/16 9:09am)

Iran has officially joined the likes of the U.K., France, China and Germany. This is, of course, in a “field of peaceful users [of nuclear energy],” according to a statement made by European Union Foreign Affairs Chief, Federica Mogherini. These remarks followed Iranian compliance to a global arrangement made in July of 2015 requiring Iran to dramatically reduce its number of heavy-water reactors and centrifuges in the Northwest region. Iran’s commitment to reduce its level of uranium enrichment and to allow unfettered IAEA inspections quickly bore fruition.

Do better

(12/02/15 7:11am)

The recent #DUBetter demands presented at the “Duke Tomorrow” panel left me astounded. As I perused through the combative list of ten demands—not suggestions—delivered to President Brodhead, shame and regret engulfed the numb body that sank into my seat.