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Column: The road ahead?

(04/28/03 4:00am)

2005 - A radiological "dirty bomb" is detonated in central Paris, killing 4,500 people immediately and forcing a long-term evacuation of much of the city. There is no claim of responsibility, but after concluding that Libyan-backed terrorists were behind the blast, the French government takes firm action. Under intense pressure from NATO allies, it chooses not to respond with a nuclear strike, but French forces invade Libya and topple the regime of Colonel Qaddafi.

Column: Saddam and his worthless nukes

(09/24/02 4:00am)

As the rhetoric surrounding the Iraq question intensifies, it has become fashionable for White House insiders to compare this debate to that which took place in pre-World War II Britain. In this delightful Churchillian fantasy, President George W. Bush's prophetic vision is destined to save the western world from the fallacies of appeasement. What a tantalizing thought--Bush as the second Churchill!

One war at a time

(09/11/02 4:00am)

The past 12 months have been shaped by two powerful if antithetical national phenomena. First, vulnerability, symbolized by the elevated national alert level, seemingly weekly warnings from the FBI and systematic overflights of major U.S. cities by Air Force interceptors. Second is determination, a sense of singular resolve and purpose, universally felt in spite of the plunging stock market, rising unemployment and a highâ??if not unprecedentedâ??level of anxiety about the future.