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Please stop the music

(09/27/21 4:00am)

Spotify is undoubtedly my most used app. On an average, busy day, I open the app about fifteen to twenty times to change music or peruse playlists. That is not to include the many minutes I spend walking to and from class with music. As personally entertaining and meaningful that I find music, I have grown to better understand the way that music, especially this constant sense of sound, separates us from what could be real connections. In fact, I’d argue that music more than often waters down our connections today.

So you want to be darker?

(09/14/21 4:00am)

This past week, I took cross country roster pictures with the most horrid short tan lines. Don’t go looking for the pictures, I made sure not to post them anywhere. But the whole exercise of suiting up in our underwear-like uniform and comparing the effects of hundreds of sunny summer miles sat with me for a bit. For those of color, tanning and conversations around tanning are not as straightforward as just turning a couple of shades darker depending on the season—with it comes a deep history of colorism and white supremacy.

A little bit of God's grace can go a long way in the midst of a pandemic

(04/02/20 4:00am)

If the past two weeks have afforded me anything, it is an uncomfortable amount of free time. As a slightly overly-introspective dreamer, I have filled these hours reading, writing and reflecting on our current situation. And I would be lying if I said that I did not clearly feel God’s presence in these moments.

Do we really need eight hours?

(02/24/20 5:00am)

We don’t need eight hours of sleep each night. In fact, I think we would be better off being tired every once and awhile. I hate when people ask me how many hours of sleep I got the past night. Especially at Duke, the question either comes as a work ethic litmus test or some type of health evaluation. Secretly encoded into questions about sleep are often more pointed and assumption-based inquiries. How much do I care about my Chemistry midterm? How many practice tests did I complete? Do I or do I not adequately value sleep? I should be treating my body better.

Why is it so easy to waste food at Duke?

(01/23/20 5:00am)

I remember opening the refrigerator in the Crowell common room last semester to find nine half-eaten Sazon meals. Yesterday, I watched as a Duke Dining employee threw away an incorrectly made Tokyo Bowl and began again. Try as some of us may to conserve resources, we waste food that many struggle to afford each day.

Blind spots

(12/05/19 5:00am)

What does it mean to see structure and how are we blind to it? Sometimes I feel like all my schooling has been aimed at recognizing and identifying my own blind spots. Racism, elitism, and privilege seem to underlie most of my humanities papers or class discussions.  

Read the news

(11/19/19 5:00am)

Fake news makes good programming. From elaborately spun stories on Fox News to articles on The Onion, these entertainment stories are more appealing than understanding current events. When was the last time you remembered a fact about a celebrity but could not cite a recent news story?

Apple Watch study reveals—or reinforces—exercise addiction

(10/22/19 4:00am)

It starts as a new healthy habit. Our heart rate monitors, glorified pedometers, or calorie trackers often enter our lives deceptively innocent, wanting only to improve our well being. Yet sometime along the way, lost in the “she’s just trying to get her ten thousand steps, of course” or the refusal of a warm chocolate cookie for the sake of a number, these health aids transform into our masters.