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Forty-eight percent

(10/25/19 4:00am)

In the first week of my Civic Engagement FOCUS class, we were instructed to write about one issue that distressed us most about our, thus far, limited perspective on campus culture. I finished my paper in  fifteen minutes--there was not one single issue I, as a female-identifying student, was more aware of than lack of a certain culture: consent. It’s as subtle as a waist-grab at Shooters, a sudden hand-on-the-back at Devine’s, an unwanted and unspoken invitation to dance, marked by the drunken presence of a boy standing a bit too close. It’s as overt and violent as the 48 percent of undergraduate women--and this percentage is most likely under-representative--surveyed in 2018 reporting having been sexually assaulted since their enrollment at Duke. 

This is Duke

(10/11/19 4:00am)

College application season is near-approaching, and Duke has been forced to keep up: the admissions website appears to be more enticing than ever. In one image, a group of racially diverse students sits in front of Baldwin Auditorium accompanied by the heading, “This is Duke.”