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Glenn's role focuses on effects of age on astronauts

(10/29/98 5:00am)

When John Glenn flies into space at two o'clock this afternoon, he will be more than a single man on a mission to outer space. Rather, his roles as an American hero, U.S. senator, senior citizen and scientific subject have once again thrust him into the spotlight and brought generations together in awe of his accomplishments: His mission will prompt older generations to reminisce about his orbit around the Earth 36 years ago and younger generations to become acquainted with the wonder of space flight.

Med Center receives cancer grant

(09/30/98 4:00am)

The National Cancer Institute has awarded the University about $3.7 million to establish a cancer genetics research consortium involving researchers from Duke, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Emory University. The Medical Center News Office announced last Thursday that the new center will join eight similar facilities nationwide to establish a comprehensive database on the genetics basis of cancer development.

Low-fat diet alone may reduce ill effects of type II diabetes

(09/16/98 4:00am)

Based on the results recently compiled from a study of diabetic mice, humans who are genetically predisposed to type II diabetes may be able to counteract the effects of the disease by eating a diet low in fat, claimed University professor of psychology and health sciences Dr. Richard Surwit in this month's issue of Metabolism.

Krzyzewski Human Performance Lab opens in Medical Center

(07/22/98 4:00am)

Athletes are injury-prone, and not just when they're trying to generate sympathy from referees during the World Cup. But now, thanks to the Michael W. Krzyzewski Human Performance Laboratory, every athlete-from the casual weekend warriors to the stars of the men's basketball team-will have a new helping hand when injury strikes.

Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center looks for funds after NIH cuts

(06/18/98 4:00am)

When she was three years old, Angela Bates was diagnosed with sickle cell disease, an affliction that has caused her physical pain and emotional trauma. But when the 32-year-old Tennessee native moved to North Carolina in 1994, she found the Duke-University of North Carolina Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, a discovery which helped her become virtually pain-free.

Duke insurance plans differ in Viagra coverage

(06/11/98 4:00am)

The male impotence drug Viagra has found a place in national headlines and comedy skits since its approval by the Food and Drug Administration late last March. In addition to offering many impotent men the chance for normal sexual intercourse, however, its release has renewed debate about insurance coverage of fertility options for both men and women.