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Let the good times roll, just not in my Airbnb

(02/26/20 5:00am)

Dear Unlicensed Ethicist:  During Mardi Gras, my group rented a quaint little Airbnb, which became a little less quaint once a few “friends” arrived at our door asking to use the facilities. One thing led to another, and they drunkenly ended up sprawled on our couch and floors. The next morning they asked when check-out was, then left without offering to contribute to the rent. Now that we’re back in Durham, is it too late to ask them to fork over some dough?

The cheat next door

(01/29/20 5:00am)

Dear Unlicensed Ethicist:  When a major assignment came up in my physics class, a classmate who lives down the hall reached out to me for help. At first, I complied, thinking the teamwork would be a mutually beneficial learning experience. But when it became clear that she just wanted the answers, I felt disrespected and lashed out. I later learned that her mother passed away at the beginning of the semester. Does her suffering excuse her attempt to basically copy my work? Was I wrong to lash out?

Getting lost in the free sauce

(12/04/19 5:00am)

While having coffee with a friend at the dining hall, she mentioned that she needed to buy milk for her apartment. I instinctively suggested she ask for an extra cup with her drink and fill it with milk to-go, rather than waste time shopping at Harris Teeter. Then when the milk pitcher at the side-bar ran out mid-pour, we asked the worker to refill it, leading him to believe that it was for our coffee. While I initially thought the transgression was harmless, I began to wonder... Did I just steal from West Union? Where does one draw the line?

Pay to violate?

(11/12/19 5:00am)

Dear Unlicensed Ethicist:  Each morning, I see a boy on his Spin scooter swerve onto the sidewalk in order to make it to class with seconds to spare. In addition to violating traffic rules, he hides his scooter in the bushes so that it’s there waiting for him after class. When I asked him what gives, he answered that he doesn’t care if he gets ticketed because he is willing to pay the price for convenience sake. I told him it’s unethical, but he insists that he is playing by the rules since he pays the tickets. Who is right?

Vaping: A Trojan horse

(10/29/19 4:00am)

Dear Unlicensed Ethicist:  Vaping is disgusting and juvenile, and I’m happy to hear that Duke is considering banning it. But a guy down the hall, a self-proclaimed “JUUL fiend,” says it’s his right to do as he pleases and that the “nanny state” should keep its hands off his JUUL pods. Is he right? Or should Duke go ahead and prohibit e-cigarettes?

Got oat milk?

(10/22/19 4:00am)

Dear Unlicensed Ethicist:  While getting my caffeine fix en route to Perkins, I ordered a large iced coffee and asked the barista to leave room for oat milk. From the back of the line, a customer snickered that I could have just said leave room for milk. A little self-conscious, I turned and answered that oat milk is much better for the environment. My antagonist joked that I’m saving the world one grande blonde at at time. Am I a poser for mentioning the environment when I really choose oat milk because I like the taste?

Are we all just soulless pigs?

(09/10/19 5:28pm)

Dear Unlicensed Ethicist:  “Who tf cracked an egg and left it on the kitchen floor? Do you not have any sense of accountability?” These sentences, which I read in the “Randolph ‘22” GroupMe just before leaving Duke after freshman year, rattled around in my head all summer. Indeed, who was that shameless egg-cracker? And seriously, on the kitchen floor? 

The Unlicensed Ethicist: Political correctness

(08/27/19 1:38pm)

My friend has a history of working with cognitively disabled children. If he overhears someone casually say something is “r*******,” he does not hesitate to speak up. Yet when he saw Marketplace was serving fish tacos again, he offhandedly remarked, “Oh my god, I’ll blow my brains out if I have to eat that again.” I have no interest in seeing my friend’s brains splattered across Marketplace and, frankly, am offended. Should I call him out?

Duke Law students ask Supreme Court to hear case of free speech activists

(02/19/19 5:00am)

In 2015, free speech activists at the University of South Carolina used images of a swastika displayed on another campus and a sign including the term "wetback"—a derogatory term usually aimed at undocumented Mexican immigrants—at a demonstration on campus to represent speech that had been quieted on other college campuses.

'Everything is personal for him': NBC's Chuck Todd talks Trump's insults, media accountability

(01/15/19 5:00am)

The press has reached a point when it can no longer ignore President Trump’s outrageous claim that the mainstream press is the “enemy of the people,” said Chuck Todd—NBC News political director and host of “Meet the Press"—at a talk Monday.