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‘To help guide the university forward’: Meet Undergraduate Young Trustee finalist Drew Greene

(03/08/24 1:44am)

Undergraduate Young Trustee finalist Drew Greene hopes to bring his love and knowledge of higher education to hold Duke accountable for its commitment to its institutional values, leveraging his passion for uplifting higher education.

The quiet crisis is upon us

(03/08/24 5:00am)

The phrase "invasive species" often conjures up images of 18-foot-long pythons prowling the Everglades or a pack of wild boar pillaging the forest. But invasive species exist all around us — many times in subtler but more pervasive forms. From the House Sparrows that fly overhead to the English Ivy that adorns our buildings, invasive species quietly choke our landscape.

Adam Sandler’s ‘Spaceman’: A $40 Million catastrophe?

(03/07/24 11:44pm)

Adam Sandler’s 12th movie produced by Netflix, “Spaceman,” is ambitious, self-knowingly quirky and, ultimately, disappointing. Sandler stars as a Czech astronaut, Jakub, alongside fellow heavy-hitters: Carey Mulligan as Lenka, his pregnant, estranged wife and Paul Dano as Hanuš, the voice of his primordial arachnid companion (I know, quite the string of words).

A look at Duke women's basketball's potential path through the ACC tournament

(03/07/24 7:28pm)

Following a regular season that exceeded expectations complete with big-time wins against tough teams like No. 10 N.C. State and No. 11 Virginia Tech, the Blue Devils are now headed to the 2024 ACC tournament. Held less than an hour from Durham in Greensboro Coliseum, Duke will likely be coming up against some of the top squads in the conference in rematches from the regular season as it heads into a stacked playoff bracket. 

Beyond the walls of fear

(03/08/24 5:00am)

“O Captain! My Captain!” I cheered victoriously as John Keating’s students climbed onto their desks to (literally) stand in solidarity with him. Mr. Keating may have been fired — wrongly accused of instigating the death of a student — but he had left an indelible mark of courage on the young boys he had so vivaciously taught. As the end credits of “Dead Poets Society” rolled, I thought of college. In a few months, I would be leaving behind the comfort of my home and faced with the same choice as the boys from Welton Academy: I could either stick to the script I had clung to thus far — the assembly line of advanced classes and good grades and dozens of extracurriculars — or I could take inspiration from Keating and live freely, passionately, and accomplish amazing things all the while. 

Then and now: What has changed since Duke men's basketball first played North Carolina?

(03/07/24 3:59pm)

In the time since their first meeting Feb. 3, the Blue Devils and the Tar Heels have positioned themselves as the top two teams in the ACC. Now, with their second matchup looming and an ACC regular season title on the line, the Blue Zone looks at how each squad has changed:

Community members talk shareholder influence, regulatory controversy in climate investment seminar

(03/07/24 5:57am)

The Office of Climate and Sustainability hosted the sixth installment of its Investing for Mission-Driven Institutions seminar series Tuesday evening, which explored the power shareholders wield in investment decisions in the wake of recent regulatory controversies.

What if our school work actually mattered?

(03/07/24 5:00am)

You know that feeling when you work really hard on an assignment? You stay up late and wake up early. You diligently spend hours in the Gothic Reading Room reading and re-reading your writing, checking the logic of your algorithm or crafting that perfectly persuasive memo. And then you submit it and get a grade back. It’s an “A” and you’re stoked. Then the high wears off. You take back the paper and you admire the grade one last time. Then, you throw it in the trash or never open the document tab again.