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New Pleiades Gallery exhibit invites visitors to guess the secret ingredient

(03/05/19 5:05am)

Shows like “Iron Chef” and “Chopped” popularized and promoted the idea of “secret ingredients,” forcing chefs to adapt to work with new substances and create unique dishes. This secret ingredient craze is now moving into the art world with the newest show at the Pleiades Gallery.

New exhibit 'Ocean Room' creates on-campus sanctuary at the Rubenstein

(02/07/19 5:05am)

Walking into “Ocean Room,” a life-size dome of video projections, is a full sensory experience. The visitor begins in a dark room, lit only by the massive ocean mound and filled with the sounds of crashing waves. Crawling inside the dome, they leave their life behind and is transported to the middle of the sea, left with only a notebook to write about their experience, reclining chairs set in the space and soft carpeting separating them from the ocean. Here, they are surrounded by peaceful ocean noises, the smell of saltwater and the beauty of splashing waves. 

Backstreet's back: 'DNA' fails to live up to '90s nostalgia

(01/30/19 5:25am)

For years, late '90s nostalgia seemed to litter modern media, from a resurgence of butterfly hair clips and cargo pants to a new obsession over '90s brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Birkenstocks. This love for '90s culture has extended its grasp into the music industry through the newest Ariana Grande music video, “thank u, next,” filled with cult classic film allusions and artists like Iggy Azalea wearing “Clueless” outfits. We have now reached a new level with the release of the newest Backstreet Boys’ album, “DNA.”

'The Kindergarten Teacher' is a cautionary tale of society’s influence on the arts

(11/07/18 5:10am)

Parents and teachers should always hope for the best in their children — an improvement from who they were and who they became. But what if that hope for improvement transforms into an attempt to control every aspect of an individual’s life, making them into the mirror image of what they hoped they could become?

WXDU's record fair appeals to the resurgent vinyl scene

(10/24/18 4:30am)

 Vinyl records, cassette tapes and CDs. What were once dying music technologies is now finding a new light in everything from hipster undergrounds to teen bedrooms. Whether a music connoisseur or a casual collector, people around the world are taking part in this global revival. Even with the many streaming sites available, people seem to miss the tangible music experience of a vinyl record or CD. After the near-extinction of physical music methods in the early 2000s, its growing audience embodies the exploration and resurgence of an old medium that stands the test of time and the creation of a new music community.

Streaming: The music industry's savior and the musician's enemy

(09/05/18 4:05am)

For the sake of its own survival in an increasingly interconnected world, the music industry is adapting. After years of minimal earnings, the industry experienced substantial growth through a shift in how we listen to music. More and more people have access to streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Soundcloud that offer nearly unlimited amounts of music. In fact, according to Spotify, the company has recently reached 170 million users, half of whom pay for premium service, a number that continues to grow. How will this transform the music itself and the musicians behind it?